Our Services

  • Translation: With our network of native speakers around the world, we offer a wide range of language combinations translated by native speakers of the target language. Our process supports
  • Subtitling: We create, edit, and cut text-based versions of an audiovisual product for simulcast to speakers of other languages and the hearing impared. We do this in a way that avoids exhausting the audience, so our client’s message is expressed in a way that fits their specific needs.
  • Transcription: We take an audio or video file and extract text for post-production purposes. Our clients use transcription services to piece together documentaries and reality television; to ensure an interviewee is quoted properly for print and digital media; and to produce the text necessary for later subtitling or voice-over services.
  • Desktop Publishing: Our team of graphic designers works with our linguists to provide production-ready materials in multiple languages that fit our client’s unique style and branding.
  • Localization: Creative and immersive ideas require more than translation, and our processes ensure that our client’s product is adapted to the local culture with language that expresses the core message in a way that sounds natural in the target language while providing the intended effect.