With our network of accredited linguists around the world, we offer a wide range of language combinations translated by native speakers of the target language.

In an every-more globalized world, translation has become an essential tool that can help your organization bring its brand to new audiences spread across diverse cultures… if it’s done with a little professional finesse.

At The SpringTranslate Group (TSTG), our seamless translation project management process begins with a team of accredited, experienced, and professional translators drawing from a diverse pool of specializations, who first analyze the style and purpose of your text to ensure the right tone.

From there, the document is pre-treated to extract any possible text from images, videos, and charts, and exported to an editable format.

A team of at least three linguists is dedicated to each translation in order deliver a high-quality product that is focused for your target language and dialect.

Imagine that you are looking to have an English text translated into French:

First, we assign your text to one of our native French speakers, who reviews the text and resolves any lack of clarity in the source text with one of our native English speakers.

Next, the text is translated with the assistance of CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools. These tools give our translators and editors the ability to standardize approved vocabulary and common phrases such as slogans and talking points so that they remain consistent throughout the project.

After the translation process, the text passes through robust quality control procedures involving another native-speaker. This step double-checks for accuracy and fluidity, and flags any inconsistencies or unnatural sounding sentences. The editor’s notes are then discussed with the translator to decide on the resolution that best meets your project’s goals… because a translation should never sound like one.

Once edited, it’s on to the Desktop Publishing process, and then the final product is returned to you: accurate, natural, and on time.