Transcriptions can be verbatim or corrected for clarity, and extract text and time-codes from an audio or video file for a variety of post-production purposes.

While there are many reasons why you may need a transcript, our transcription process follows a protocol designed to meet your deadlines while providing a high-quality product.

At The SpringTranslate Group (TSTG), we use native speakers of your audiovisual content’s language to ensure that the transcriptionist captures exactly what is said.

This is important to speed and accuracy, as common speech includes idiomatic expressions and cultural references that might fly under the radar of an untrained ear.

Once transcribed by our professional team, questions are resolved through extensive research and the content is then cross-checked to ensure quality and consistency.

From here, we can edit, translate, and localize those transcripts in order to cut subtitles or captions in a wide-range of formats to match your needs.